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Is Aila lotto scam and fake or legit online lottery website? At the first glance it is an ordinary online lottery website, one of dozens similar ones. Still after browsing it for a while and making some research it raises a number of questions. Naturally enough, before providing your personal data and spending money you would like to be sure of Aila lotto legit status and credibility; that there aren’t too many negative feedbacks or complaints about Aila lotto, scam related malpractices, etc.


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Aila Lotto review: General Info

Can be the first impression of Aila lotto fake? Isn't Aila lotto scam? What backs Aila lotto legit standing? Please find the detailed Aila lotto review as well as Aila lotto review summary at the end of the page.

Although Aila lotto (Australian International Lottery Agency) offers popular Aussie lotteries, it is not available for the citizens of Australia, the Netherlands, the USA and Canada. This puts Aila lotto legit background under question and raises suspicions on Aila lotto fake origin. It is not straightforward about its founders or owners.

Is Aila lotto scam listed? There are not direct complaints about Aila lotto scam mailing or frauds; in fact the website has been registered only several years ago in contrast to the declared 1999 – another chink in the armor. offers online players two Australian lotteries: Powerball and Lotto 6/45. According to the founders it has been operating since 1999 and has already deserved the payers' loyalty (rather questionable).

They ascertain that they will provide support starting from the moment of purchasing lottery ticket and finishing with the prize claiming issues. It provides the latest lottery results as well as sends the winning notification emails.

All you have to do to start playing is to choose the lotto, the quantity of draws and the combination for the entry; the other issues will be handled by the website team. website states it will pay out prizes tax free charging no winning royalties which is a little alarming.

You may subscribe for the site's mailing to get the lottery updates, large jackpots and winning notifications. The website runs its own blog covering curious lottery facts and news as well as the happy winners' stories.

Aila Lotto review: How does it work?

To start playing you will have to click the red “Play Now” button opposite the game you wish to try luck in. Then you will have to choose the quantity of entry lines, draws and the combination either manually or using the “Quick Pick” option to get them automatically generated.

Australian 6/45 lottery is held every Saturday with the minimal jackpot set at AUD 4 mln. Winning the main prize requires choosing and matching 6 balls drawn from the guess range of 1 to 45. To win anything in this lottery you will have to match at least 2 balls. It also features 2 additional balls which are accountable for the secondary prizes only. Australian 6/45 lottery entry line is priced $2.90.

Australian Superdraw is a special draw held for Australian 6/45 and featuring the mega jackpot of AUD 22 mln. The minimal entry lines limit for this lottery is set at 5 lines totally priced $14.5. Moreover Superdraw features the syndicate game-play option with the entry fee set at $60.

In Australian Powerball lottery players have to choose 6 balls from the guess range of 1 to 40 as well as the bonus number out of 20 possible. The game has 7 different prize divisions totally. Winning the lottery's grand prize requires matching the 6 main balls and the Powerball. To win anything in this lotto you will have to guess at least 4 main balls. Powerball entry line is priced $4.

Aila Lotto review: Syndicates

The player can enter a lottery pool to hike their chances to win in Superdraw: one syndicate ticket is priced $60, 2 tickets - $120 and so on. Many online lottery sites offer a quantity discounts for more tickets purchased at once, which is still not the case with AilaLotto. In other words you will have to pay $3,000 even buying 50 tickets at once.

It mentions the following syndicate advantages:

1) the odds will be hiked by up to 42%;
2) the prizes will be paid out as a lump sum in AUD (tax free);
3) the syndicate may list up to 50 members.

Aila Lotto review: Draw results

To find out the latest Powerball and Australian 6/45 Lotto results click the “Lotto Results” button and choose the lottery and the draw date you need. The page will feature the lottery winning numbers, prize category, the number of winners and cash values.

Aila Lotto review: Claiming prizes

After browsing the website for a while we did not find information on how the won prizes will be paid.

Aila Lotto review: Special offers / bonuses

AilaLotto has yet no special offers, bonus or discounts.

Aila Lotto review summary

We made Aila lotto review summary for players to make an instant decision whether to play here or not answering the questions like: What backs Aila lotto legit standing? Can be the first impression about Aila lotto fake? Isn't Aila lotto scam? It provides lottery tickets for 2 lotteries: Australian Powerball and Lotto 6/45 (including Australian Superdraw). Still it is not available for the citizens of Australia, the Netherlands, the USA and Canada. Australian Lotto 6/45 features the so-called Superdraw, with a mind-boggling jackpot. The syndicate option is also available for the Superdraw. Still as opposed to many online lottery sites providing quantity ticket discounts, it does not provide any as well as the e-copy of the purchased ticket. There are suspicions that the operators of Aila lotto fake their real identity. Aila lotto legit standing is hardly a secure one. No pros and too many cons... We hope Aila lotto review summary will prove useful for you.


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