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LottoLucker review

Is LottoLucker scam or Is LottoLucker legit? What is the best way to choose the most reliable lottery agent? These and other questions will be answered in the following review which will also cover the main features of the new yet already successful online lottery website to assists you in making the right choice.

LocaLotto Rating
Score 9.25
LottoLucker sells lottery tickets online for
Country Numbers to Guess Additional Numbers Overall Odds Price Online Next Jackpot Action
Australia - Oz Lotto
Oz Lotto
Australia 7 from 45 2 from 38
remaining numbers
not accountable for jackpot
1 in 55 2.53 7820790 Play Now
Australia - Powerball Lotto
Australian Powerball
Australia 6 from 40 1 from 20 1 in 78 3.12 2346237 Play Now
Brazil - Mega Sena
Brazil - Mega Sena
Brazil 6 from 60 No Add. Numbers 1 in 2297 2.06 5040656 Play Now
California - SuperLotto Plus
Super Lotto Plus
USA 5 from 47 1 from 27 1 in 24 3.12 25000000 Play Now
Canada - Lotto 649
Canada Lotto 6 49
Canada 6 from 49 1 from 43
remaining numbers
not accountable for jackpot
1 in 7 5.45 26939764 Play Now
Europe - EuroJackpot
Europe 5 from 50 2 from 10 1 in 26 6.57 11784800 Play Now
Spain - EuroMillions
Europe 5 from 50 2 from 11 1 in 13 8.89 75422720.011785 Play Now
Florida - Lotto
Florida Lotto
USA 6 from 53 No Add. Numbers 1 in 8 5.12 14500000 Play Now
Germany - Lotto
German Lotto
Germany 6 from 49 1 from 10 1 in 31 1.64 5892400 Play Now
Ireland - Lotto
Irish Lotto
Ireland 6 from 45 1 from 39
remaining numbers
not accountable for jackpot
1 in 29 3.25 8838600 Play Now
Italy - SuperEnalotto
Italy 6 from 90 1 from 84
remaining numbers
not accountable for jackpot
1 in 21 5.45 58806152 Play Now
Spain - BonoLoto
Spain 6 from 49 1 from 43
remaining numbers
not accountable for jackpot
1 in 8 1.67 471392 Play Now
U.S. - Mega Millions
Mega Millions
USA 5 from 75 1 from 15 1 in 15 8.89 25000000 Play Now
U.S. - Powerball
USA 5 from 69 1 from 26 1 in 25 8.89 191000000 Play Now
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LottoLucker review: General Info

Operating under “The magic of numbers” slogan the website provides the world's most popular lotteries (supplemented by the necessary gameplay info) as well as the customer-focused service ensuring uninterrupted online support. It will help to save time and win the lotto even without going outdoors. Firstly, it is a comfortable game-play. The website is rather user-friendly, providing thorough instructions translated into English and Russian. Secondly, it is time-saving since it has brought together a number of the top jackpot lotteries in one place. Please find below the detailed overview of services. The stunningly high winning odds is the most peculiar aspect about this agent as opposed to other resources.
They call it the Win-Win lotteries.
This lottery industry innovation was brought on stream in line with Lotto Lucker service launch. This is an exclusive offer from You will be able to take out insurance for the staked money for the case of loss. The specific insurance package (different in term of prices and payouts) is to be chosen before the ticket purchase.

LottoLucker review: Syndicate subscriptions provides a wide range of lottery syndicate subscriptions. According to Lotto Lucker, syndicate subscription is almost a guaranteed way of winning for every 5th participant. How is it possible? Several thousand tickets cover the possible combinations in a draw. The big number of participants allows decreasing the ticket price by up to 150 times. Each LottoLucker syndicate subscription covers the major and the most popular lotteries in the world. These are:

- 11 best lotteries
- Platon Tarasov's Generator
- Flying overseas
- Spanish Sun
- American Dream
- Gold digger

Check out each LottoLucker syndicate subscription advantages in details:
LottoLucker syndicate subscription “11 best lotteries” (current jackpot – 497 million dollars, record jackpot – 800 million dollars) includes all the lotto games presented at the website. The single ticket is priced 11 cents. The lotteries last for 4 weeks and include 8 draws. It also includes the 100% insurance providing a full cash-back in the case of losing.

LottoLucker syndicate subscription “Platon Tarasov's Generator” (current jackpot - 268 million dollars) includes 3 world's biggest lotteries: MegaMillions, PowerBall, and EuroMillions. The “+5000$ sponsorship” sign means that the corresponding numbers selection formula inventor Platon Tarasov deposited 5000 dollars to the syndicate bank to enable sizable discounts for other participants. Platon Tarasov is a renowned Russian mathematician, which once again backs LottoLucker legit standing. One ticket is priced 12 cents. The lottos will last for 4 weeks and will include 8 draws.

LottoLucker syndicate “Flying abroad” (up-to-the-moment jackpot – 459.1 mln dollars) incorporates 7 leading European and American lotteries: SuperEnalotto, PowerBall, NewYork Lotto, MegaMillions, Lotto 649, EuroJackpot and EuroMillions. A ticket price accounts for 12 cents. The offered insurance will cover 80% cash-back on the deposit. The game will last for 6 weeks which is 12 draws.

LottoLucker syndicate “Spanish Sun” offers the lowest ticket price accounting for 7 cents and 20% insurance on the deposit. These are 3 Spanish lottos: Bono Lotto, La Primitiva, and El Gordo.

LottoLucker syndicate subscription “American Dream” offers an opportunity to win the top jackpot American lotteries: PowerBall, New York Lotto and MegaMillions. The incorporated insurance covers 60% of the deposit. The entry is priced 10 cents. The game will last for 8 weeks (16 draws). This syndicate was created as if to make the so-called American dream come true even for those living outside the USA.

LottoLucker syndicate “Gold Digger” includes 3 games: UK Lotto, EuroJackpot, and EuroMillions, the best EU lotteries in one bundle including 40% insurance on the deposit. Ticket price – 16 cents, duration – 5 weeks (10 draws).

LottoLucker review: How does it work? is easy as it is. The lotteries are accessible from any part of the globe. All you have to do to try luck is to sign in, choose your lottery, select the numbers and get the lucky ticket.
The registration is free of charge and requires players to provide the following details: first and second name, email address, contact phone number as well as to think up the password.

LottoLucker review: Ticket scan

Each player will receive the scanned copy of the purchased ticket, which will be downloaded to the personal cabinet at the website. Another thumb up for LottoLucker legit status.

LottoLucker review: Syndicates

Lotto Lucker offers a group game-play mode (known as lottery syndicates) to increase the winning chances by up to 5,000% (according to statistics). It offers every participant the opportunity to buy the tickets up to 150 times cheaper, let's say 7 cents against the usual 5 Euros.

LottoLucker review: Security

Is LottoLucker scam or Is LottoLucker legit? is owned by Mellomay Invest Limited. This surely backs LottoLucker legit standing. The players' personal and financial data is secured by SSL encryption technology. The in-depth privacy policy review is provided in the corresponding section of the website: data inquisition and management, privacy policy agreement, security issues, ESP use and so on. No complaints on LottoLucker scam emails or frauds were detected.

LottoLucker review: Bonuses and special offers

Lotto Lucker bonuses and special offers will be an eye-candy for every player! The first ticket is provided free after the registration and will be available in the personal cabinet. Moreover, the 12% discount will be provided for every next purchase. The more ticket you buy the bigger is the discount and so are the winning odds. The max discount is capped at 25%. Every day the first 100 buyers will get their personal discounts.
Becoming Lotto Lucker VIP highly appreciates its players' loyalty and in this way offers a special VIP program. It allows storing up the so-called VIP points which can be later exchanged for bonuses, discounts. Each VIP player will be ascribed the personal manager. Everyone buying the first ticket will be automatically listed in the program.
Receiving the VIP status requires spending at least €1000. Each spent 1€ equals to 1 VIP-point.

LottoLucker review: Claiming prizes and taxes

Isn't LottoLucker scam in terms of payments. Hardly. The won prizes will be taxed in line with corresponding National lotteries regulations. Lotto Lucker will also charge the bank transfer fee. The remaining taxes will be withdrawn in line with the local regulations of your country.

LottoLucker review: Draw results

The lottery draws info is provided free on the corresponding page. Every winner will receive a notification email from The won money is credited to the winner's personal account. Claiming the jackpot will, in any case, require to go to the lottery hosting country and addressing the lottery provider personally. will provide the original winning ticket as well as cover the traveling expenses. The list of the site's recent winners (and the corresponding prizes) is provided at the home page and is updated online.

LottoLucker review: Summing up

Isn't LottoLucker legit? Are there any LottoLucker scam related complaints? Having analyzed the negative feedbacks on Lotto Lucker on the Internet we came to the conclusion that most of them were spoofed by the jealous competitors. The site and the services generally make a positive impression. The negative comments are mostly rather emotional discussions of the design which do not touch upon the services anyhow.

  1. Win-win lotteries (insurance)
  2. Ticket scan
  3. Uninterrupted customer support
  4. Online lottery winners updates
  5. Free ticket for registration
  6. Numerous bonuses and special offers
  7. A wide range of lotto syndicates