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Jackpot.com review

Jackpot.com is a brand new lottery website offering the lotto players from around the world to bet on the internationally popular lottery results. Jackpot.com legit operation is secured by the license issued by UK Gambling Commission providing along the localized offers such as syndications for the UK market. Check out the complete Jackpot.com review below.

LocaLotto Rating
Score 7.3125
Jackpot sells lottery tickets online for
Country Numbers to Guess Additional Numbers Overall Odds Price Online Next Jackpot Action
Australia - Monday Lotto
Monday Lotto
Australia 6 from 45 2 from 39
remaining numbers
not accountable for jackpot
1 in 85 1.63 754806 Play Now
Australia - Oz Lotto
Oz Lotto
Australia 7 from 45 2 from 38
remaining numbers
not accountable for jackpot
1 in 55 1.63 15096120 Play Now
Australia - Powerball Lotto
Australian Powerball
Australia 6 from 40 1 from 20 1 in 78 1.09 7548060 Play Now
Australia - Saturday Lotto
Saturday Lotto
Australia 6 from 45 2 from 39
remaining numbers
not accountable for jackpot
1 in 85 1.63 3019224 Play Now
Brazil - Mega Sena
Mega Sena
Brazil 6 from 60 No Add. Numbers 1 in 2297 1.78 11714430 Play Now
Australia - Wednesday Lotto
Wednesday Lotto
Australia 6 from 45 2 from 39
remaining numbers
not accountable for jackpot
1 in 85 1.63 754806 Play Now
Europe - EuroJackpot
Europe 5 from 50 2 from 10 1 in 26 2.78 23447880 Play Now
Spain - EuroMillions
Europe 5 from 50 2 from 11 1 in 13 2.23 147721644 Play Now
France - Loto
French Lotto
France 5 from 49 1 from 10 1 in 6 2.78 7034364 Play Now
Germany - Lotto
German Lotto
Germany 6 from 49 1 from 10 1 in 31 2.23 11801780 Play Now
Ireland - Lotto
Irish Lotto
Ireland 6 from 45 1 from 39
remaining numbers
not accountable for jackpot
1 in 29 2.72 5275773 Play Now
Italy - SuperEnalotto
Italy 6 from 90 1 from 84
remaining numbers
not accountable for jackpot
1 in 21 2.72 84060649.8 Play Now
Poland - Lotto
Polish Lotto
Poland 6 from 49 No Add. Numbers 1 in 54 1.09 2525031 Play Now
U.K. - Lotto
National Lottery UK
Great Britain 6 from 59 1 from 53
remaining numbers
not accountable for jackpot
1 in 9 2.78 23050208.6 Play Now
U.K. - Thunderball
Great Britain 5 from 39 1 from 14 1 in 13 1.63 666191 Play Now
U.S. - Mega Millions
Mega Millions
USA 5 from 75 1 from 15 1 in 15 3.3 208000000 Play Now
U.S. - Powerball
USA 5 from 69 1 from 26 1 in 25 3.3 229000000 Play Now
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Jackpot.com review: General Info

The review is basically aimed to help players to answer several relevant questions: Isn't Jackpot.com scam? What backs Jackpot.com legit standing? Are there any complaints or negative feedbacks on Jackpot.com scam actions or any other malpractices?
Visiting www jackpot com every player is offered a chance to try luck in a number of international lottery games. Until quite recently one would have to go outdoors to the closest lottery shop to play the lottery or even to travel abroad to the hosting country to buy the ticket for the international game. Currently, www jackpot com offers a whole new way to play the top jackpot lotteries in the world at any time, from anywhere and using any device be it a PC, a smartphone or a tablet. So is Jackpot.com legit? Operated by UK-based company Lottomatrix Ltd licensed by UK Gambling Commission, it makes every effort to ensure the top-notch services quality, uninterrupted customer support, and fast payouts. Jackpot.com scam safety is out of the question. The entries are checked after the draws and in case the stake on the draw outcome triggers then the prizes are paid out absolutely commission-free. You will get the exact payout for each won prize that you would get by going to the shop to redeem the ticket. Jackpot.com games include the world's top-jackpot lotteries: EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, German Lotto, US Powerball and US MegaMillions (the list is to be extended in a due course).

Jackpot.com review: How does it work?

The website applies a betting format. Lotto betting involves placing a wager on the outcome of a lottery game. You will bet that the numbers you choose for the particular lotto will come up in the official draw. Playing lotteries at www jackpot com is simple as that and involves 3 simple steps: choose the game, pick the numbers and check the results. The website lists the most popular games with the impressive jackpots so that you will not have to puzzle over several dozen games offering smaller jackpots. You can choose 1 of 5 Jackpot.com games so far:
- Jackpot.com games: 1) EuroMillions: the minimal jackpot is set at €15 mln and is capped at €190 mln; the overall winning chances are estimated as 1 in 23 and 1 in 116,531,800 for the jackpot;
- Jackpot.com games: 2) EuroJackpot: the starting guaranteed jackpot is set at €10 mln and is capped at $90 mln; the overall odds of winning for the last and the top prizes account respectively for 1 in 41 and 1 in 95,244,223;
- Jackpot.com games: 3) German lotto: unlimited jackpot rolling down to the secondary prize tier after 12 consecutive rollovers; this provides a chance to win the main prize matching fewer numbers than it is required for the jackpot;

- Newly added Jackpot.com games: US Powerball and US MegaMillions.
Secondly select the numbers for the chosen lottery. You can do this either by yourself (for instance, if you have a good feeling about one or another numbers) or you can save the trouble using a quick-pick option which will randomly select the numbers for one or several lines in seconds. Choose then the number of draws you wish to play. You can play either in one or in up to 50 draws to keep abreast with the whopping jackpots and not to miss any. Once the lines are paid you can relax and wait for the winning notification. Your bets will be checked against the drawn numbers and you will be kept updated automatically. The draw results are archived and are available online.

Jackpot.com review: Syndicates

Jackpot.com syndicates are available for UK market only. What is the main reason to join the syndicate? The more lottery lines you play in a draw, the better chances you stand to win the cash prizes, including the huge jackpots. Interestingly enough, every 4th jackpot is hit by the lottery syndicate. Usually it is not an option for those playing on their own, still, it fits the groups of the single-minded players: friends, fellow-workers, family members and so on. The syndicate will be able to play more lines and share the winnings equally.

Jackpot.com review: Draw results

The latest winning numbers for all the games provided at www jackpot com website can be found on the corresponding pages in the Results & Info tab. The past lottery winning numbers for the last 180 days will be archived and available online. www jackpot com offers two kinds of free alters for its users. These are jackpot alters and winning numbers alerts. You can choose one or both in the corresponding section of your personal account. Choose winning numbers alerts to receive the notification every time your numbers match the drawn ones. Choose jackpot alerts to receive the notification every time the jackpot reaches certain value you are interested in playing for.

Jackpot.com review: Claiming prizes

Is Jackpot.com legit and reliable in terms of pay-outs? All the won prizes including the jackpots are paid out by Jackpot.com The payouts are guaranteed by a number of insurance companies cooperating with the agent in line with UK Gambling Commission license agreement. Go to the Withdrawal tab in your personal account to transfer the won money to your bank account. The prizes of up to ₤1000 can be withdrawn automatically. For the reasons of security, you will have to contact the website manager to agree on the withdrawal details for the bigger prizes including the jackpot. In case you have questions or problems with using the site you can read through the FAQ section or contact the support team directly by phone, email or online chat.

Jackpot.com review: Special offers / bonuses

This lottery agent yet offers no bonuses.

Jackpot.com review summary

The detailed review above is destined to help lottery fans to choose sides in favor or against the online lottery agent via answering several relevant questions: Isn't Jackpot.com scam? What backs Jackpot.com legit standing? Are there any complaints or negative feedbacks on Jackpot.com scam actions or any other malpractices? Even though it is a young resource, Jackpot.com legit status, reliability and trustworthiness are secured by the reputation of the renowned brands in the global lottery industry such as UK Gambling Commission and GambleAware. There haven't been yet any complaints detected on Jackpot.com scam related actions. Hopefully, it will continue keeping that up. We also hope you will find the review helpful and become one of the winners at www jackpot com.

  1. user-friendly interface
  2. license, security, reputation
  3. world's biggest and most popular top-jackpot lotteries
  4. pay-outs insurance