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Have you ever played Austria lotto? No, because you did know where to buy the lottery tickets online for Lotto Austria or how to play Austria lotto online securely. These questions are very topical regarding the rapid Internet market growth and the increasing number of the lottery agents providing tickets online. Mind, you can play Austria Lotto online as easy as over the retail counter. So do not hesitate and be quick to grab your lucky ticket.

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Play Austria Lotto online

Choose the six main lottery balls and 1 additional ball from 1 to 45. The lottery numbers can be both selected manually or randomly generated by the lottery system. If you are lucky to match the 6 main lottery balls, you win the jackpot (at least 1.5 million Euros). The additional numbers are not accounted for winning the jackpot and define the secondary prize winners only. The draws are held 2 times every week on Sunday & Wednesday evenings at 4.30 pm (GMT). To buy lottery tickets online for Austria lotto, first, choose a lottery agent which will be easier using LocaLotto.

Lottery agents

At LocaLotto you can find the detailed and in-depth lottery agents reviews, compare the prices for the provided tickets, the offered bonuses and go at once to the lottery agent web page and play the chosen lotto online. Taking care of the players' security, the listed lottery agents apply the latest personal data protection tools, standards, and protocols. At LocaLotto you can also read other popular lotteries and online lottery agents reviews. Take a unique chance to win and become a millionaire, play Austria lotto online and luck will surely smile upon you!